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BLOGGING MISTAKES - 12 Must Avoid Mistakes For a New Blogger

BLOGGING is a word which might seem very easy when you first hear it but let me warn you guys, it is not that easy at all. There are many things you can not see with your naked eyes that proves to be very much vital in determining your fate. Blogging is like a Deep sea where you can jump in easily but there is a heavy chance that you can struggle if you don't have enough preparations or transparent ideas.

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Well, Blogging generally suggests to write some unique and quality contents in form of articles about or over 1000 words which we call BLOG. In this age, even your previous two generations know how to write a blog, but most of them, I repeat, most of them does not know how to successfully and consistently run a Blog. Often we see, many people dive into this sea with very little concepts and contents but gradually gets groomed away due to many reasons. 

The reasons may be lack of time, lack of enough content which prompts plagiarism. Content  without quality information gets seen by few people, and gets your blog completely loss. Regardless of whether you are an upcoming brand-owner and want to use a blog to run your organization or a passionate and capable writer in a particular niche looking to build a personal brand, these are the things you must avoid while starting your journey.

Blogging Mistakes Begginers Usually Make

Blogging Tips
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1. Choosing Wrong Template For Your Blog

This is a most followed mistake bloggers tend to do in the start of their journey. We see, bloggers choose a very heavyweight, colorful and attractive theme for their website. This eventually slows down the loading speed of their page because there are so many icons, images and widgets there.

As a result, when a user clicks his webpage, due to slow speed, they do not end up on the destination page. This gets the traffic away from your page and your rank in Google gets affected. So, a better suggestion would be to use a lightweight, user-friendly theme in the beginning.

Blogging template

2. Not Taking Care of Grammatical Mistakes

Grammatical errors are those technical errors that makes an everlasting bad impression of your blog on your users. Silly spelling mistakes, punctuation errors can hit you very severely. 

And remember, when a highly educated and knowledgeable person encounters these mistakes in your blog, I bet you they won't ever consider your blog even if you provide complete information about the topic what they need.

3. Choosing Quantity Over Quality 

The Probable reason for committing this mistake is the most heard term SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Bloggers often tend to make their post content heavy instead of providing useful information because Google ranks the website with more contents.

People spend more times on editing and internal linking of words to improve On-Page SEO but this doesn't run in long time prospect. Improving SEO can bring you good instant rank but your content fails to attract the crowd. There should be a perfect balance between both of these.

4. Choosing Wrong Niche for your blog 

Choosing a perfect niche for your site is very essential because that is your only friend that will be with you ever. A perfect researched and content well curated on that niche can increase credibility and impression to your user. Some bloggers also choose more than one niche topics, that is absolutely if that niche's search volume is high.

5. Google Analytics & Indexing

In most of the cases, Bloggers want to get AdSense approval to their blog. Adding the blog to  Google Search Console & Google Analytics is absolutely necessary from the first day itself.

Bloggers should request indexing and crawling their each page on Google Search Console regularly. The data available like Clicks or  Impressions in analytics help getting them a clear picture of real traffic or organic traffic in their site.

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6. Choosing The Target Audience

If you try and write content for everybody, your blog will end up general and get doomed behind the big giant sites. You need to identify and understand who your target audience is so that the content reaches and attracts those specifically.

7. Priotizing Self-Misconceptions Over Actual Notions

Another one mistake is that too much engaging in your personal thoughts and experience. People are not interested to read your stories or what you think about it. People want the exact solution or exact tips provided to-the-point.

Sharing your blog on various platforms can give you ideas which kind of people are reading your posts so that you can specifically write and curate contents for them.

8. Scheduling of Publishing Posts

The Posts should be equally distributed over the time space and each post should be given uniform time to grow traffic. Often it is seen that in a blog there are 8-10 posts in a week and in the very next week, there are hardly 2-3 posts. 

That simply points out your lack of contents and knowledge and puts bad impression on Google about your blog. Scheduling a fixed time can also realize the readers about when and by how nmany days of gap your each posts are published.

9. Too Little Sharing On Social Media Platforms

Inspite of the type of your blog, the niche you are preferring, you run it to promote something, be it your business, your art, or your knowledge made you want to create one in the first place. To gain traffic to your blog and its content, you need to attract customers or followers. And Social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are options which you don't want to let go,right?

You need to share your content on the social media platforms to reach the target audience. It's you who have to reach them out, not that they will come and read your blog automatically.


10. Ignoring Backlinks & Guest Posting

Backlinks and Guest posting are two very effective and still less known method of growing traffic to your blog. Backlinks are links are basically hyperlinks redirecting to your website from another well-known, established website. By Backlinks, those grown and known websites suggests Google Bots that your website is also authorized and look after that in indexing also.

Guest Posting is providing contents to other well-grown website providing your website links in between that. Thus, take the time to connect with other bloggers in your niche. Not only you can serve them to enhance their content, but you will be also recognized as authorized and can enjoy free traffic from them, as this partnership can go a long way.

11. Use of Fonts & Colors

It is always recommended to use a light background with a dark or medium-dark font to make a blog attractive and good-looking. Using of obtrusive fonts and shady colors can get readers disgusted while reading the content.

12. Use of Permalinks

After you write and optimize your post in all above ways, the one thing that can downgrade your traffic is the Permalinks of the blog post. You should not select "Automatic Permalink" even mistakenly. Select from the options "Custom Permalink" and give the Permalink using keywords which people usually search in Google. This is a very important part of the entire blog, so keep it in mind.


Congratulations! If you have sincerely gone through the above points, you are on your way from rookie to rock star in the field of blogging. Whether you've been blogging for one weeks or for one year, in their blogging journey, you are ought to make these mistakes on their blog.

Since you are well aware of these now before starting your blog, you are all set to do wonders. Keep your page SEO friendly, choose the correct niche & audience and keep your blog user-friendly - these are all the guidelines you make in your memories from right now and let your blog FLY HIGH. 



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